Policies & Procedures/Overview

Here at the NLA we have a multi-faceted approach to student expectations. We believe that parents, students, and staff must work together to provide a quality educational experience. Thus, our student agenda is designed to provide support and assistance as we plan for success.

We strongly encourage parents and students to review all information contained in this agenda together. By becoming acquainted with school policies, you will understand the high academic and personal expectations we hold for all of our students. We have included a great deal of information in a concise and convenient format, but the overall focus is leadership and respect. Respect for self, respect for others, and respect for school!

John Quincy Adams 6th president of the United States once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” That’s our goal at NLA.

We look forward to four years of success and fun for everyone!

Student Creed

The student’s creed is our definition, bond and guiding principles that bind all students at NLA. It will be memorised and lived in the hearts, deeds and words of all our girls for the rest of their lives because it is our commitment to ourselves, our sisters and to our school.

I am an NLA Outstanding Woman Leader.

I challenge myself and others to excel each day.

I am empowered to achieve.

I accept responsibility for my decisions and my actions.

I am a leader of a future generation who demonstrates integrity in all I say and do.

I respect sincerity, diversity, and creativity.

I collaborate with my sisters and teachers to create a successful school.

I am dedicated to serving my community.

With pride and dignity, I am NLA.

Student Pledge

I will be on top of my game
I will stand out and not just fit in
I will be the greatest influence
I will take charge of my life
I will go the for best and not settle for less
I will step up and take my throne
I will positively pressure my peers
I will leave common behind
I will reject commonality
I refuse to be ordinary
I refuse to be regular
I will distinguish myself
I will elevate my thinking
I will set the rules
I will recreate the norm
I will devastate mediocrity
I will not cheat
I will not take short cuts
I will make the grade
I will take responsibility for my actions
I will lead the way

Dress Code

NLA students and staff will be expected to conduct themselves as leaders and role models in every facet of their experience. As leaders, they present themselves in a serious, productive manner, which includes their daily school attire. Thus, NLA students are required to wear a uniform every school day.

The uniforms have been designed to conform to various religious and cultural tolerances and norms and also ensure all the varying backgrounds are accommodated and co-exist harmoniously.

General Uniform Guidelines

In addition to wearing specified uniform items, all NLA students are also expected to adhere to the following dress code guidelines:

  1. In addition to wearing specified uniform items, all NLA students are also expected to adhere to the following dress code guidelines:
  2. Students must arrive and depart appropriately dressed in the required school uniform. Students who arrive with other attire will have to surrender/those items confiscated. Students should not change clothes on school buses.
  3. Clothing must be sized appropriately to fit the student. Clothes may not be too big, too small, or too short.
  4. All uniform items must be clean and in good condition at all times. Faded or discoloured items will not be permitted.
  5. Alterations that change the original design of the clothing items are prohibited. Skirts and shorts should not be hemmed more than xxx inches above the top of the knee.
  6. Shirts and blouses must be tucked into bottoms at all times.
  7. Undergarments worn underneath skirts, shirts or blouses should not be visible.
  8. Non-religious headwear, hats, head scarves, or bandanas are prohibited.
  9. Sunglasses may not be worn inside the building unless they are medically prescribed.
  10. Hair accessories in NLA colors (navy blue/ light blue/white/uniform plaid) may be worn and should be simple and not distracting.
  11. Students representing NLA in any off campus activity are expected to be in uniform, unless directed by NLA staff to dress in other attire. Some field trips may require specific uniform attire.
  12. Students with religious requirements that do not meet these guidelines should contact the principal to discuss modifications.
  13. Student appearance or clothing that is disruptive, provocative, indecent, vulgar, or obscene, or which endangers the health or safety of the student or others is prohibited. Students are expected to adhere to standards of dress and appearance that are compatible with an effective learning environment. The following are prohibited:
  1. Exposed undergarments
  1. Sagging pants
  1. Excessively short or tight garments
  1. Attire with messages or illustrations that are lewd, indecent, or vulgar or that advertise any product or service not permitted by law to minors
  1. See-through clothing
  1. Any adornment such as chains or spikes that could reasonably be perceived as or used as a weapon
  1. Sunglasses should not be worn inside the building unless there is a medical condition that requires protective eyewear. A doctor’s note will be required.
  2. We reserve the right to specify additional items of dress or appearance that may be disruptive to the school environment. Students may also be required to dress in professional attire for designated activities

Student Handbook

The Student/Parent Handbook

The Student/Parent Handbook is provided to all students at the start of the school year or upon enrolment. It includes information about our school policies and procedures. We have created this handbook to help you and your child understand the rules and expectations in school. We encourage you to discuss those rules and this document with your child.

Our student handbook communicates specifics about school policies for students which include attendance, honor code, electronics policies and dress code. Click the link to left to view the student handbook.

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