Welcome TO NLA

Welcome to NLA, a learning space for nurturing present and future-ready transformational agents.

NLA will admit its first students (Forms 1 and 2) in January 2016 to provide educational and all-rounded opportunities for young women in a rigorous academic, leadership and entrepreneurship program. We emphasize academics, servant leadership development, entrepreneurship, and community service.

We are staffed by a faculty of seasoned educators, facilitators and professionals who are committed to the academic and social progress of all students, and NLAs vision, mission and values. We support, enrich, and empower each student to simplify, inspire and transform themselves, then their immediate local and global environments.

NLA seeks to develop critical thinkers and doers who will change the way challenges are engaged. People with the drive to identify, support and validate the dreams, hopes and aspirations of all the people we serve – so as to inspire changes that make our world a better place.

NLA will collaborate with our students, parents, community members and each other to create an impactful and sustainable learning institution.

Welcome to NLA.

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