Leadership Academy

The NLA program is anchored on leadership development for each student. Students will internalize and practice leadership principles through daily learning opportunities. Each student will also participate in our Leadership Class (LC) where they will get a deep understanding of leadership principles and its manifestations – with focus on Servant Leadership.

During LC, students will explore each of these principles and learn behaviors than will serve as the basis for learning to both lead and to follow. These behaviors will serve as the guide for explaining, appreciating, and learning how leaders have a positive influence on others.

The LCs will also focus on the following 5 transformational leadership essentials:

  • Character.
  • Service to all.
  • Effective communication
  • Teamwork.
  • Building partnerships.

Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their leadership development throughout the year. Each student will participate in school-wide projects that are also designed to promote leadership development.

The Leadership Class will also cover issues pertinent to adolescent/teenage girls. Students will critically analyze current events involving women in leadership and devote time to completing quarterly projects. Units of study are arranged by themes and in accordance with the needs of each grade level. Girls are expected to fully engage in each class to benefit from the program.

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