NLA Reloaded

Beyond the internal audiences, NLA will also offer Leadership and Entrepreneurship Courses (LECs) externally – all over East Africa and beyond. These will be to:

  1. School prefects and/or students’ leadership;

NLA Reloaded will have various customized courses targeting student leaders in:

  • Primary Schools.
  • Secondary/High schools.
  • Universities and other tertiary institutions.
  1. Teachers;

Being very influential in moulding many people, teachers play a very significant part in empowering humanity. NLA will have a comprehensive LEC program for both Primary school and High school teachers – to open them to appreciate the important role they hold in shaping the future. This will  be targeted towards teachers in East Africa.

  1. Post-Secondary;

One of the biggest challenges afflicting most youth is “what next – after high school”. This can be attributed to weak (or non-existent) career development structures at the high school level.

Based on the NLA foundations of empowering future-ready leaders & entrepreneurs, this program will be open to ALL post-secondary students and will run for 1-3 months. More details will be uploaded in due course.

  1. NLA Corporate.

NLA has a consummate Leadership and Entrepreneurship team, with previous experiences and requisite training in human resource development. NLA will therefore partner with corporates and other organizations so as to develop customized leadership development packages for all cadres of their employees – with focus on those that are leading teams (or work in a team).

NLA corporate will be people-centred, highly experiential and established upon the NLA values of Simplicity, Inspire, Transform.

Details on NLA Corporate packages will be uploaded soon.

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