The Enterpreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Program (EP) will be intertwined with the Leadership Classes (LCs), and each student will be expected to participate.

NLA takes this program seriously, with a goal to make the experience both realistic and highly participatory. It is in this regard that NLA will partner with individuals and corporates to offer mentorship and managerial advice. Our students will be required to draw start-up business plans and present them to a board (and/or financiers).

They will also be given real life predicaments through which they will be guided to activate business and social entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities that will address the situation. In the spirit of simplicity, the core of it will be founded on the principles of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) where they will primarily employ the use locally available resources to come up with innovative, practical, appropriate, adaptive, sustainable and affordable win-win solutions.

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