NLA Leadership and Entrepreneurship Curriculum

These customized leadership and entrepreneurship programs engage students in exercises and experiential activities that allow them to understand appreciate and nurture various leadership and entrepreneurship essentials. They will generally be centred on (but not limited to) the broad areas of:

  • Personal mastery and branding.
  • Talent/gifts identification and management.
  • Reading the trends for expanded worldviews and increased global awareness.
  • Multiple intelligences – Emotional, intellectual, social, cultural.
  • Value systems.
  • Conflict management.
  • Enterprise facilitation.
  • Fund / resource raising and management.
  • Business planning and project cycle management.
  • Marketing (Goods, services & social marketing).
  • Proof of concept.
  • Advocacy/Activism.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Harnessing technology positively.
  • Social Responsibility.
  • Environmental stewardship.
  • Presentation skills – Communication and non-fiction literacy proficiency
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